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Construction Schedule Tracking and Analytics 

Make Your Data Work for You

Simplified Planning

Build more reliable project work plans, increase efficiency with better collaboration, and reduce cost due to excess inventory and task rework

  • Create shareable work sequences

  • Assign Owners to tasks and issues

  • Share Photos and Documents on specific tasks and issues

  • Seamlessly upload Primavera, MS Project, Asta Project, and more

  • Automatically sync tasks with Excel using our Excel Add-in

Track Progress Easily

Reduce the time for discussion, collaboration, maintain, and share activities, handoffs, and dependencies. Easily discover and visualize issues, delays, and constraints.



  • Easily visualize and track your schedules on a mobile app, web dashboard, or using our Excel Add-in

  • Have an automated work journal to track and save every change to your job site progress

  • Automatically see job site progress day by day with automatically created daily updates

  • Filter by tasks and issues by location, trade, responsible party, and scope of work

  • Create multiple branches schedules and move tasks between them

Monitor Analytics

Automatically track your project’s progress. Predict problems before they occur and review progress based on previous' weeks performances. Know exactly how well you are progressing week to week and root​



  • Visualize and Predict Root Causes

  • Have a quick and easy overview of your projects at a glance via the Dashboard

  • Track, monitor and save blockers and delays throughout your project’s life cycle via a digital Issue Log

  • Export Reports for stake owners

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